Nijenborgh wing evacuated due to asbestos

Building 5113, one of the Nijenborgh 4 wings on the Zernike Campus, was evacuated Friday afternoon because there may be asbestos in the air. So far, asbestos fibres have been found in at least twelve rooms.

A broken asbestos seal was discovered under the radiator in one of the labs on Friday. The seal was attached to a radiator pipe that goes through the floor and normally ensures the pipe is fire-resistant. Such seals were used throughout the building, and several were found to be broken.

The board of the Faculty of Science and Engineering immediately initiated an investigation on Friday and enlisted the services of a specialised asbestos company. According to an email the board sent on Wednesday, asbestos fibres have been found around radiators in at least twelve rooms.

No one is allowed to enter these rooms, and employees who usually work there received individual notifications from the board.


A more extensive investigation is underway to determine whether the asbestos has also been released into the air and if it is present in other areas within the affected rooms. The board expects the results of this investigation by Thursday morning at the latest.

No loose asbestos has been found around the radiators in the other rooms of the building. While no further investigation will be conducted there, protective film will be temporarily applied to the asbestos seals. Warning stickers will also be placed.

The board anticipates that these measures will be completed by Friday at the latest. It emphasises that these are temporary measures to prevent people from touching the seals. Permanent measures will be implemented later to ensure their long-term security.

Classes cancelled

Despite the asbestos not being found in all rooms of the Nijenborgh wing, the entire building will remain closed until further notice. Until a solution is found, researchers will not have access to their experiments, and all practical classes scheduled in the building have been cancelled.

These specific asbestos seals were only used in this building and not in any other Nijenborgh wings.



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