Vindicat warns members

Student association Vindicat has warned all its members to take extra fire safety measures after someone attempted to set fire to an association house.
By Peter Keizer/ Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

Last week, unknown parties set fire to one of the association house’s letterboxes. ‘I was informed of the incident yesterday’, says Vindicat chair Stijn Derksen. ‘It concerns a separate incident, but due to all the commotion the past few weeks we can’t be too careful.’

According to Derksen, the association board has warned all members to be extra careful. The residents of the house where the fire was set have been asked to remove all association flags, the Studentenkrant reports. That warning was not issued by the board, says Derksen.


Vindicat was in the news several times over the past week due to incidents at the association. In August, an aspiring member was abused during hazing. It also came out that male members had written the bang list in which members were encouraged to get 22 ‘horny bitches’ in bed.

Vindicat has a total of 172 association houses in the Groningen city centre.



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