Zernike will have 400 rooms (and 800 beds) next summer

The municipality of Groningen wants to complete four hundred student rooms at the Zernike Campus by August of next year. During peak times, there will be two beds to a room, for a total of eight hundred available spots.

The four hundred rooms will be temporary; they’ll be razed after ten years. The municipality hopes to catch two birds with one stone with the rooms: they’ll add four hundred rooms that’ll provide long-term housing, and during the peak in September, the extra beds will ease the burden on emergency housing.


The temporary units are mainly intended to house international students, since they’re the ones who have the most trouble finding a room at the start of the academic year. Housing corporation SSH will build and maintain the rooms.

In the meantime, the municipality is working on a plan for permanent housing at Zernike. This will involve one to two thousand rooms being constructed in 2025. According to the municipality, these rooms will house a wider range ‘of international and Dutch students, employees of the educational institutes, and potentially expats’.



  1. I suggest they keep the 400 rooms beyond the 10 years. I see nothing to suggest that the shortage will dissipate, and even if it did, more rooms makes the housing market more favourable to students.

    Plus the additional rooms relieve pressure to allow rooming houses in other neighbourhoods.


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