‘Yantai, yes or no?’

Staff members of the University Council want to ask RUG employees and students how they feel about the plans to open a branch campus in the Chinese city of Yantai.
By Peter Keizer / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

The council members will most likely vote on the plans for the branch campus next month. Before they do so, they want to know how the students and employees feel about it.

‘I’ve heard dozens of people on staff say they were for it, and dozens say they were against it. But the masses are silent. I think it’s a good idea to consult with the staff’, said personnel member Casper Albers during the council meeting on Thursday.


Nicolai Petkov, of the Science faction, proposed to organise an advisory referendum at the university, to gain insight into whether there exists proper support for a campus in China. But this proposal was criticised. Student parties SOG and Lijst Calimero don’t think a referendum is necessary.

Also not into a plebiscite was one of the personnel members. ‘The turnout is always disappointing and the results tend to be inconclusive, so I don’t think we should do it’, said John Hoeks.

Instead, the proponents of the idea made a deal to email staff and students at the RUG themselves, asking for their opinion. The parties will meet to discuss the exact contents of that email.


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