Urgent recommendation to wear face masks in class

The UG’s board of directors urgently recommends students not only wear face masks when they’re moving around, but also when seated in class.

This was revealed during a university council meeting after people asked questions concerning an email that law students received last week. In this email, students were advised to wear their face masks while sitting down in class.

When SOG asked whether this advice had only been sent to the law faculty students, board president Jouke de Vries said this recommendation will apply to all faculties.

Not mandatory

De Vries emphasised that it’s a recommendation, and that it’s therefore not mandatory. ‘We’re asking students to consider it.’ He said this week things should become clearer.

SOG faction chair Johannes Hütten is in favour of the recommendation to wear a face mask while sitting down in class. ‘I think it would be a good idea especially during lectures. People sit close together without needing to talk much.’ He doesn’t think it would work for seminars, though. ‘Those groups are much smaller and involve more talking.’


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