Google accounts outage at UG being resolved step by step (UPDATE)

The large-scale outage of the functional Google accounts will most likely be fully resolved by Tuesday morning. People’s access is being reinstated step by step, but it’s possible they won’t get access to everything at once.

Due to the outage, many UG employees were unable to access their functional Google accounts that they share with other staff on Monday morning.

People can’t access their email, their (shared) drives, and other Google services they need an account for.


Access to the accounts is being reinstated step by step. The accounts can now be used again for things such as email. If the account has a lot of data, either in email storage or Google Drive, it’s possible not all data can be accessed just yet.

The university expects the large-data accounts to be fully reinstated over the course of today. According to CIT, the exact time depends on Google’s and the systems’ processing speeds.

The cause of the outage isn’t entirely clear yet. However, it’s linked to the fact that rules concerning the rights to the functional accounts have been tightened.


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