UG expects complaints from students to increase

In 2021, students appealed much more often to the Board of Appeal for Examinations (CBE) than they did in 2020. The university doesn’t think the number of appeals will decrease over the next few years.

So states the Annual report on complaints, objections, and appeals that will be discussed by the university council on Thursday. In 2021, the CBE received a total of 494 appeals. Students can turn to the CBE if they disagree with decisions made by exam committees, examiners, or admission boards. In 2021, the number of appeals was 383.

Most of the cases by far (170) were about admission, followed by 125 students appealing assessments. The third most appealed subject is cheating; forty-two students submitted appeals in 2021.

Few complaints and objections

Students did submit fewer complaints and objections against the board of directors. The number of objections went down from 223 to 202, 

with the number of complaints dropping from 242 to 172. Interestingly enough, the Faculty of Science and Engineering has the most complaints of all faculties and services: fifty-one. At least half of these concerned the quality of education, a UG employee, or ‘other’. 

The writers of the annual report say the number of appeals and objections ‘are not expected’ to decrease over the next few years. Not just because the number of students increased once more this year, but also because students more often utilise the complaints office ‘to raise all manner of issues’.   


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