UB adds access ports

The University Library (UB) has installed access ports. During exam weeks, the turnstiles will prevent applied sciences university students from entering.

By Peter Keizer / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

The policy to prevent applied sciences university students from entering when the UB is full is nothing new. Over the past year, the doormen were employed during exam weeks to manually check visitors for RUG IDs. In doing so, the university hopes to guarantee that the UB, which is filled to the brim at times, has enough space for university students. The new access ports will do the doormen’s work for them.

‘During the two week period that we’re closed to non-RUG students, the access ports are meant to prevent entry by anyone from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences presenting their ID’, according to communications officer Frank den Hollander.


The proper software is currently being installed on the access ports. Den Hollander: ‘Once we get them working, they will serve as entrance controls as well as keeping a record of how many and what kind of people are inside.’

Outside of the exam weeks, however, there are no restrictions, and applied sciences university students are welcome.

Due to the library’s renovation, the UB will have a temporary entrance starting next week. A temporary front door will be created next to the location of coffee chain Starbucks. The normal entrance will be covered and renovated this fall.


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