‘The Trial’ wins Cardozo awards

It was a veritable who’s who on Tuesday night at the Usva theatre. The Cardozo Awards took place for the seventh time, and the UK was there.
By Tim Bakker / Video by Beppie van der Sluis / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

The evening was not unlike a Hollywood awards ceremony. It is not surprising, then, that people refer to them as the Oscars of the North. All the elements were there: beautiful clothes, champagne, and an evening full of laughter, music, and theatrical fun.

And awards, of course. Each year, the student plays that Usva subsidised over the past season are judged and rewarded. The Cardozo Awards, named after a former Usva employee, comprise seven categories. The best actor, best actress, and best supporting actor/actress are each given an award, and there are also awards for best play, best director, best design and best PR.

A jury of five decides on both the nominees and the winners. Theatre critic Jacques D’Ancona and TV presenter Bram Douwes showed up to give out the awards, with Lies Mensink and former Cardozo winner Robin Achterhof presenting.

‘Nice recognition’

The favourite play of the evening was The Trial, performed by the Groninger Student Theatre (GST), which was nominated in all seven categories. In between the awards, the audience was treated to a scene from the play, as well as a live performance of a piece from Sweeney Todd.

GST president Jan-Anne van der Wel was happy with the four awards ‘The Trial’ (Het Proces) received, although he ultimately felt the awards were ‘of secondary importance’. ‘The most important thing here is that not just we, but everyone in this room here, have come together to pursue our passion and present something beautiful’, he said in his acceptance speech for the best play award. ‘The fact that our trials and tribulations, pun intended, are awarded with this prize is such nice recognition for what we made here together.’

The 2016 Cardozo Awards went to:

Best play: The Trial (GST)
Best actress: Romy Kritte in Sweeney Todd (Idiomotor)
Best actor Martin Kroon in The Trial (GST)
Best supporting actor/actress: Martijn van Dussen in The Trial (GST)
Best director: Hesterliena Wolthuis for Bang Bang You’re Dead (A-Way Productions)
Best design: Festen (GST)
Best PR: Bang Bang You’re Dead (A-Way Productions)


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