How to survive in Groningen: The best places to study

You may not be too worried about it now, but before you know it, it’ll be time to sit exams and write essays. You could always study and write at home, but what if there are too many distractions?

You can always go to one of the university libraries. The library in the city centre, known to most as simply the UB, is located across from the Academy building. With four storeys and various study rooms, it’s the biggest library the university has.

It’s opening hours are also the longest: during exam periods, the UB opens at 8.30 a.m. and closes at midnight. You can bring your laptop and use one of the many outlets in the building or occupy one of the library’s own computers.

In line

Especially during exam periods, the UB is a favourite place to study, so you’ll need to reserve a spot in advance. Be prepared to stay up late, because new spots become available at midnight two days in advance.

To book a table – with or without a computer – use LibCal. For a studio, which you can use to study with a group, you use the Library App. The booths – the UB calls them ‘train seats’ – and reading tables are freely accessible. 

Various faculties have their own libraries. You can easily look up where your faculty’s library is online. The Central Medical Library and the former Arts library are the most popular ones. Both libraries have various study rooms.


Whenever the UB is too busy, students move to the Forum, the futuristic building behind the Grote Mark. Just like the library, it has study desks equipped with power outlets, Wi-Fi (eduroam), and a great view of Groningen to boot.

There’s even a dedicated silence room. Another advantage to the Forum is that it also has restaurants, houses the public library, and has a movie theatre and a comics museum. There’s plenty to do if you need a break.


If you’re not necessarily looking for somewhere quiet but just don’t want to study at home, you can always go to one of the many cafés in the city. The ground floor of the UB boasts a Starbucks, where you can study while enjoying a cup of coffee. The Coffee Company branch in the city centre is also popular among students.

If you haven’t found the perfect spot yet, try exploring the streets around the UB. There are plenty of coffeehouses that allow laptops. You’ll definitely find one that you like.


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