Students with non-EU vaccination certificates can use the CoronaCheck app soon

Students who received their Covid-19 vaccinations outside the European Union will soon be able to have their proof of vaccination or infection converted into a certificate compatible with the Dutch CoronaCheck app, says GGD Groningen.

The GGD in Groningen will become the second GGD after Utrecht to offer this service to those from outside the EU, says Lily Benjamin spokesperson of the GGD Groningen. The measure, released under urgency by the national health ministry, should come into effect by next Saturday.

‘This is great news, I couldn’t be happier for our international students – they can now fully enjoy the student life Groningen has to offer’, says Hannah Jelkman president of ESN Groningen.


The introduction of the CoronaCheck app at the end of September saw many residents vaccinated outside of the EU could not get a permanent QR-code in the app, due to a lack of compatibility with their foreign vaccination certificate. Students who did plan on joining their peers for a beer or borrel had to arrange a test beforehand.

International students at the UG who did want their certificates made compatible for use with the app had to travel to Utrecht to access this service. This new measure will save international students that trip.


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