Sick of red sauce? Michelin starred restaurant Noor charges students only half

Very few students can afford to treat their taste buds to a meal at properly fancy restaurants. Groningen restaurant Noor, which recently received its first Michelin star, decided to help them out: this autumn, students can eat there for half price.

Owners and chefs Marleen and Jeroen Brouwer want to make sure their culinary arts are available to their future guests. ‘If we can inspire these young people, it might plant a little seed that means they come back five or ten years later’, says Jeroen Brouwer. 


That’s why, this autumn, they’re offering students a 50 percent discount on the entire bill. ‘Our standard five-course meal costs approximately 200 euros. That includes the wine’, says Brouwer That means students will be able to enjoy a five-course dinner prepared by a Michelin-starred chef. 

Photo Chantal Arnts

Even though Noor only opened its doors three months ago, the Brouwers aren’t new to the business. Before they came to Groningen, they owned De Loohoeve in Schoonloo, which has also been awarded with a Michelin star. And even though they weren’t allowed to take that one with them to their new restaurant, they earned another one within three months.

Theatre performance

‘We haven’t changed and neither has our food’, says Brouwer. ‘But before this, in addition to the restaurant, we also had a hotel and grounds to maintain. In that sense, we have more room now: the only thing we do here is focus on cooking and serving our customers. As far as we’re concerned, that means the quality has improved. We have more room to fully pamper our customers.’

Their new restaurant is located in the former Theresia chapel in Hoogkerk. It has room for twelve tables and around thirty-six guests. According to Brouwer, their guests are treated to both a great atmosphere and products that are fresh daily. ‘It’s kind of like a theatre performance. We make a performance out of the food, hoping to amaze our guests with each and every bite.’


Photo Chantal Arnts

Brouwer also hopes that the students who come to visit them this autumn take this into account. ‘It would be great if people came in wearing suits, but we’re not particularly strict. We want people to come as they are. But if you’re considering wearing shorts and flip-flops, you might want to think again.’ Students loudly partying is also discouraged at Noor. ‘We do expect students to behave the way the situation requires.’

The discount is available every second Tuesday of the month from September to December of this year for students between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five. They have to be able to prove that they’re a student. Reservations can be made three months ahead on the Noor website.



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