Seven Vidi grants to UG researchers

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research has awarded 101 researchers Vidi grants worth 800,000 euros. Seven of them are connected to the UG.

The money will enable them to develop their own innovative line of research for the next five years and create a research group.

In Groningen, the following people have been awarded the grants: Simon Friederich with the Faculty of Philosophy and the University College (‘Saving reality with exotic causality’), Zoltán Leppényi with the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences (‘Women at the top: Do corporate boardroom quotas impact gender equality beyond leadership?’), Maria Mazzoli with the Faculty of Arts (‘Word formation in polysynthetic languages’), and Sofia Ranchordás with the Faculty of Law (‘Vulnerability in the digital administrative age’).


The Vidi grants were also awarded to Ward Romeijnders with the Faculty of Economics and Business (‘Promising algorithms for supporting decision making under uncertainty’), Marie-José van Tol with the Faculty of Medical Sciences (‘Take it personally: A cognitive neuroscience approach to getting a grip on depression’), and Sandy Schmidt with the Faculty of Science and Engineering (‘Teaching enzymes new tricks’).


Vidi grants are awarded to experienced researchers who have been doing successful research for several years after receiving their PhD degree. Together with the Veni and Vici grants, the Vidi grant is part of the NWO Talent Programme. Within this Talent Programme, researchers are free to submit their own subjects for financing.

For this round, a total of 625 researchers submitted admissible research projects.


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