RUG scores 2.4 million in research grants

Three RUG researchers will each receive an 800,000 euro Vidi grant from research financier NWO. NWO has granted 84 out of 443 requests this year.
By Christien Boomsma / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

All three Vidi grants will go to researchers at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Experienced scientists can use the Vidi grant to develop their own line of research. The grant is intended to reward innovative research projects with real impact.


Anastasia Borchevsky, with the Groningen Van Swinderen Institute, will develop new calculation methods as support for experiments on the fundamental characteristics of atoms and molecules.

Giulia Mancini with the Zernike Institute for Advanced Mathematics will be making new, extremely powerful microscopes see how certain materials react to light. This would allow for the creation of new materials for opto-electrics, switches, and sensors.

Mathematician Steffen Müller at the Bernoulli Institute will try to solve an old number theory problem.


A fourth Vidi grant was awarded to Sander Wezenberg, who wants to apply the way living organisms communicate to the communication between synthetic molecular systems. But Wezenberg has since left for the University of Leiden, which means they will be the institution to benefit from the research money. Leiden received eight other Vidi grants.


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