RUG getting Corporate Academy

Interested in a course on ‘Working smarter with PowerPoint’, ‘Teaching in English’ or taking some ‘Team development’ training? The RUG has a wide variety courses for employees, but until now, they were not always so easy to find. The Corporate Academy is meant to change that.
By Peter Keizer / Translation by Traci White

Currently, courses are spread across the RUG site. Staff members also find choosing a course somewhat tricky since certain programmes seem to overlap.

‘It is difficult for employees to find what we offer on their own within a few mouse clicks. You have to more or less already know what the answer is before you start looking for it’, concludes a work group which was set up by the RUG board to set up the Corporate Academy.

The future site of the Corporate Academy will bring together all of the university’s offerings in a more user friendly manner. Via the academy, the organisers of the courses will be able to work together more closely so as to ensure less overlap.

The Board of Directors has chosen to dedicate 10,000 euros to the project. It is not yet known when the Corporate Academy will come online.



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