RUG gets three 1.5 million ERC Starting Grants

Three RUG scientists have landed themselves a 1,5 million euro. The ERC Starting Grant is a personal subsidy that stimulates ground-breaking research.
By Christien Boomsma / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

Cristóbal Bertoglio with the Faculty of Science and Engineering will use the grant to construct computer models of very fast MRI images of cardiovascular systems. Currently, MRIs of cardiovascular valves and walls aren’t very reliable. Taking scans is a complex and lengthy process. Bertoglio’s research is aimed at speeding up this process without making MRIs less reliable.

Giulia Fulvia Mancini, also with Science and Engineering, wants to develop a new way of recording images of nano materials. She will do that with microscopy, which utilises extreme ultraviolet radiation (EUV) and soft x-rays, which have a shorter wavelength. Her work will contribute to developing energy-efficient equipment.

Finally, Cyriel Moers at the UMCG will research perfusion machines used to test donor kidneys. His research is supposed to make it easy for doctors to decide whether to accept or reject donor kidneys.

A total of 408 European researchers were awarded a Starting Grant, 53 of whom were from the Netherlands.



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