Rap about Godfather Duo

Godfather DUO may haunt your days, but you’ll stack your money anyway. This Wednesday RUG rappers ‘XO Nomit’, ‘Solus’, and ‘Emotional Oliver’ released their latest beat, Studi – about failing grades and study debts.
By Joas de Jong

Sugar daddy or Godfather?

In day-to-day life, Timon van der Bles – a.k.a. XO Nomit – is a master student of law. But whenever he can, he swaps the UB studio for a music studio. At the moment he’s working on his master’s thesis, so he’s accumulated a reasonable amount of debt.

‘It’s a bit of a love-hate relationship’, he says. ‘I’m borrowing the maximum amount of money. And even though I saved quite a bit, it may take me a while before I get Godfather DUO of my back. I’ll miss the monthly payment though. DUO is a kind of like a sugar daddy, but in the end – he wants his money back’, says Timon.

Before going in search of the big money stacks in Amsterdam’s financial district, he’ll stay in Groningen for another year to work and produce new tracks. Timon’s voice bookends the song. He is joined by his musical partner, Solus, who seems to be less relaxed about DUO’s relentless pursuit.

Master of Law or rap master?

 Timon can’t say yet whether he will become a Master of Law or a rap master. ‘Music is a hobby; the lyrics come naturally to me and are humorous. In this case, at least. For example, the animal sound in the beginning.’

He has no ambitions to be the next Kraantje Pappie. ‘I like upcoming artists more. When people get too succesful, they often become too commercial for my taste.’ For now, he’s not done releasing relatable tracks just yet.

XO Nomit and Emotional Oliver are also working on an EP: Sekstape. You can listen to Studi on Spotify.



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