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There’s so much to do in Groningen that you really need a guide to help you uncover the city’s hidden gems. Every week, UKrant’s student editors share their cultural agenda with you. What’s their favourite venue and which events in the upcoming week are absolutely not to be missed?

Hangout: De Graanrepubliek

From the outside, nothing much sets Literary Cafe De Graanrepubliek apart from the other bars and cafes in the row, except maybe the puzzling name: what does a bar have to do with literature? 

That question is answered as soon as you take a step into the main room and marvel at a wall so packed with books, you almost fear that the ceiling will come down if you remove any of them. However, everyone here is encouraged to flip through this wealth of books that spans different genres, languages, and even centuries. If you find one that you do not want to part with, you can pay for it at the bar and take a piece of this cozy little corner home with you. 

Next to the bar, a set of stairs leads to the second floor, doubling the space and tripling the number of books. The extra space is used for the various poetry readings, workshops, and jam sessions hosted between the shelves. 

While the first floor would seem crammed in any other scenario, the furniture and excellent selection of jazz playing turn it into a cozy living room. People of all ages and vocations gather here: some working on what I can only imagine to be poetry, some reading and enjoying the silent company of one another, and others engaged in lively discussions and conversations. Everyone seems like an open book. 

Literary Cafe De Graanrepubliek
Gedempte Kattendiep 11
Open Tuesday – Sunday from 3 p.m. 

Where you’ll find me this week:

Having loved and admired the show based on this one-woman play, I cannot wait to watch this live recording. Fleabag by Phoebe Waller-Bridge has garnered enough awards and fans to speak for itself. If the play is as much of a hilarious, smart, and heart-wrenching experience as the show, then it will be more than worth a watch. Just make sure to pack some tissues to wipe the tears away. 

Upcoming Australian artist Jake Robertson’s project Alien Nosejob dances around genres of rock, sometimes soft, other times reminiscent of AC/DC, always a little bit different from anything you’ve heard before. This is a great opportunity to discover new music, meet new people, and of course to dance. 

This new exhibition opened its doors last month, but only now that my exams are done can I find the time to see it. The exhibition focuses on the phallus, its biology, the stigma and norms around it, and the history of its social construction. If you want to know more before going, read the article I co-wrote about it a few weeks ago! 

I’ll be coming back to De Graanrepubliek for a unique kind of jam session. Poetic Justice is an open event where rappers, singers, and poets are invited to perform over a beat provided by the organisers. There’s no registration required and with the open atmosphere of the venue, I have no doubt that this will be a great space for anyone to explore and refine their craft. I am looking forward to experiencing the talent, skill, and heart of the voices of Groningen. 

This is the follow-up of what might be my favorite movie, the critically adored Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. While adoring Spider-Man fans certainly get a lot out of this movie, it is in no way just meant for them. No, if you have an interest in breathtaking animation, encompassing action, genuine emotion, or just damn good cinema, you will do yourself a service by giving these movies a shot. 



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