Occupation UG building has ended, protesters return to encampment

A pro-Palestinian demonstration in the city centre of Groningen got out of hand on Wednesday afternoon. Protesters occupied a UG building on Boteringestraat for several hours. The police were present in large numbers, wielding batons.

Around 7 p.m., the occupiers left the building at Oude Boteringestraat 23 after the police gained access. The protesters were ordered to leave the premises, which they eventually did.

At that time, several hundred protesters had gathered at Oude Boteringestraat, kept away from the building’s entrance by a cordon of officers. Smoke bombs were also thrown. The protesters were urged to cover their faces because the police were filming the event.

A large banner was hung on the façade with the text: ‘RUG RUG you can’t hide we charge you with genocide.’ This was later removed by the police.


Two people were arrested, although the reasons are still unclear (see video below). According to the protesters, some people were injured when the police used batons. Protesters from the nearby tent camp at Harmonie square ran to Boteringestraat with first aid kits.

UG buildings in the city centre, such as the University Library and the Harmonie Building, were closed as a precaution. People could exit but not enter.

Mayor Koen Schuiling, who visited the tent camp on Monday, has consistently said he would not take action as long as the protesters demonstrated peacefully. It remains to be seen what the mayor, police, and public prosecutor will do next.

The occupation has ended, and the protesters are returning to the tent camp at Harmonie square.

Reporting by Giulia Fabrizi, Ingrid Stefan and Rob Siebelink



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