Nijenborgh 4 evacuated again, this time due to spilled toxic substance

Nijenborgh 4 at Zernike was evacuated Wednesday morning because a toxic substance was spilled somewhere in the building. It reportedly involves a rapidly evaporating, carcinogenic substance.

The exact location of the incident remains unclear. However, wings 5112 and 5113 can remain open. These areas are accessible only through the rear entrance, not the main one.

The affected area has been cleaned, but due to the possibility of the substance lingering in the air, the building remains closed. This closure is expected to last several hours, according to internal emails. People are being accommodated in the Feringa Building.

It’s the third time in a few weeks that parts of Nijenborgh 4 have been closed off. A few weeks ago, a wing of the building was evacuated because of a potential asbestos release. Last week, a room was closed after a ceiling panel fell down.

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