Four Yantai meetings

In order to inform the co-determination boards about Yantai, the RUG will hold four meetings in May and June. Students and employees can attend these meetings as well.
By Tim Bakker / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

What about academic freedom in Yantai? Who will be working there? And what effect will if have on the students in Groningen? Although much has already been said about the new RUG branch in China, people still have questions.

The University Council and the faculty councils need answers to these questions, because they are the ones who have to approve the RUG’s expansion plans.


A delegation of the councils will therefore go on a work visit to the Chinese city to get fully informed. In preparation for this visit, four open meetings will be organised. These meetings will also be attended by the Board of Directors.

Students and employees who are interested are welcome to attend to ask questions and join the discussion. The first meeting will be held on 4 May from 2 to 2 p.m. in the Spiegelzaal at the Van Swinderen Huys. The theme for the afternoon is ‘academic freedom’.

The other meetings will be held on 11 May, 15 June, and 22 June. The themes for these meetings are as yet unknown.


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