Felipe’s vlog #4: Felipe is finally allowed to hug his family

Felipe’s vlog #4: Felipe is finally allowed to hug his family

Brazilian native Luis Felipe Fonseca Silva has been studying at the University of Groningen for two years. The coronavirus forced him to change his plan to return home in the summer. Part 4 of a vlog series: Felipe goes to the doctor to check if he has the virus.
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Videographer and former UKrant writer Luis Felipe Fonseca Silva is back in his home country Brazil, with his family who he hasn’t seen in a year. He spends his days in a hammock and in his parents’ garage, because he’s self-isolating. 

That also means he can’t have physical contact. Felipe is sick of avoiding people and so he goes to the doctor to get tested for the coronavirus. Good news: he’s healthy! He’s finally allowed to hug his parents and sister again. 

For UKrant, he’s doing a vlog series on his hasty goodbye, his trip back to Brazil and his time in quarantine. This is the fourth and final installment.



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