Felipe’s vlog #3: A face mask as a political statement

Felipe’s vlog #3: A face mask as a political statement

Brazilian native Luis Felipe Fonseca Silva studied at the University of Groningen and was going to return to his home country in the summer, but the coronavirus forced him to change his plans. Part 3 of a vlog series: the differences between Brazil and the Netherlands.
15 June om 11:36 uur.
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Videographer Felipe is back in Brazil with his family who he hadn’t seen in a year. He notices that his home country handles the corona crisis very differently from the Netherlands. 

In Brazil, wearing a face mask is a political statement, for example. It shows you protest the Bolsonaro government, which according to critics hasn’t done enough to counter the spread of the virus. 

For UKrant, he’s doing a four-part vlog series on his hasty goodbye, his trip back to Brazil and life in quarantine. 



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