Felipe’s vlog #1: Covid-19 forces a hasty return to Brazil

Felipe’s vlog #1: A hasty return to Brazil because of Covid-19

Brazilian native Luis Felipe Fonseca Silva has been studying at the University of Groningen for two years. He was going to return to his home country in the summer, but the coronavirus forced him to change his plans. Part 1 of a vlog series.
8 June om 10:41 uur.
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Felipe wanted to take two months to say goodbye to his friends in Groningen and to the city that has become so important to him. But in the end, he had to make a snap decision. He didn’t have two months, but only 24 hours.

For UKrant, he’s doing a vlog series on his hasty goodbye and his trip back to Brazil. Episode 1: Felipe says farewell to his friends.



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