Everyone gets to go back to class and face masks are no longer mandatory (as of September 25)

All students will be able to go back to class after September 25. Outgoing prime minister Mark Rutte announced the new relaxations on Tuesday night during a press conference about the corona restrictions.

Starting September 25, universities are no longer bound by a maximum number of students in a classroom or lecture hall; everyone gets to go. People will no longer be forced to wear face masks inside.

This academic year, students were finally allowed to attend on-site classes again after a year of online education. Right now, no more than 75 students are allowed inside a lecture hall. People also still have to wear a face mask inside UG buildings. They can’t take it off until they’re seated. These restrictions will expire on September 25.


How the relaxations will affect the university exactly is unclear, since the schedules for the first block have already been made. One thing is certain: it will make exams a lot easier.

Before the start of the academic year, it looked like the maximum group size allowed would make administering exams difficult. How were classes of a few hundred students supposed to sit their exams? Under the new rules, all exams, even those for big programmes, can be scheduled the way they were before the pandemic.



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