Corona pass required to enter ACLO premises

Anyone who wants to enter the ACLO premises for a workout will have to have their corona pass’ QR code scanned starting Wednesday evening. 

Until now, people at ACLO were only required to wear a face mask when traversing the building, just like at the rest of the university. ‘But after last week’s press conference, we had to figure out which rules applied to ACLO’, says UG spokesperson Anja Hulshof.

After talking to overarching university organisation VSNU, the university realised on Friday that the sports facility does not count as an educational building. ‘The ACLO isn’t available to just students, but also to people from outside the university. That’s why people will have to show a QR code starting Wednesday night.’

Food Court

According to the national pandemic restrictions announced by outgoing prime minister Mark Rutte last week, the ACLO should have required people to show a QR code since last Saturday. ‘But we didn’t figure that out until Friday, and it took a while before we had enough people to implement the new policy’, says Hulshof. That’s why the policy won’t be implemented until Wednesday night.

Interestingly enough, the corona pass won’t be a requirement at the Food Court at Zernike. The separate building that houses several small restaurants is accessible to anyone at Zernike, both students and staff working at one of the many businesses on campus. 

‘But the facility is mainly and especially aimed at people who work or study at the UG and Hanze’, says Hulshof. ‘As such, we consider it an extension of our cafeteria, and people aren’t required to show a corona pass.’


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