Anniversary celebration UG scaled back due to financial issues

The university will mark its 410th anniversary in May next year, but the ‘Making Connections’ celebration will not be as extensive as initially envisioned due to current budget constraints.

The board has asked the Lustrum Office to adjust the original plans. The anniversary will be shorter than in previous years, spanning from Tuesday to Saturday, and several major events, such as the public event, have been cancelled.

However, this doesn’t mean there won’t be any public events at all, emphasises UG spokesperson Elies Wempe-Kouwenhoven. ‘These will take place on a smaller scale.’

‘We’re observing the anniversary in 2024 in a modest and subdued manner’, says university president Jouke de Vries. ‘This approach acknowledges the current financial situation while also honoring the university’s history and our goal of bringing students, staff, and society closer together.’


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