The UG still thinks we should bend to its will

So many things these days are unexpected. For the last two years life has dragged on at a monotonous, unentertaining pace. It has been both entirely extraordinary and ultra-ordinary at the same time. But as much as the last two years have provided a dull monotony due to a global pandemic, some things seem destined to never change; no matter how wrong they are.

This week I received a message into my e-mail account about graduation. Like so many graduates of the last few years, the possibility of having a physical graduation to attend graduation was zero thanks to covid restrictions. I was nonetheless happy to see I’d made the grade of such a prestigious university.

Unfortunately, with that prestige comes the (somewhat earned) feeling that you can dictate terms to anyone; this includes the people who make you what you are. In  the case of the UG those people are the professors, lecturers, and the students who “go here”. So, in typical style, after a two-year pandemic, anyone who was told they can graduate was told to turn up with two weeks notice.

Sure, a degree can only be given once; but an eviction only needs to occur once to change the course of a life

Now, dear reader, you may be saying to yourself, ‘what could be more important than your graduation from such a well-renowned university?’. The answer is, of course, my job that helps to keep the lights on and pay the bills. Sure, a degree can only be given once; but an eviction only needs to occur once to change the course of a life and to destroy it completely…

I should be overjoyed to finally get my day in the university and receive my degree with my parents at my side. Instead, the UG decided to hold in-person graduations for an overwhelmingly international group of students on two weeks notice. I find it hard to believe that no one considered the idea that arranging international travel on such notice might be impossible for many of us.

At the present moment in history, it’s perhaps insignificant, and definitely selfish, to focus on such a personal trouble. Yet it seems that the powers that be are committed to a vision of the world where we must always bend to their will. To this end the UG are playing their role as big corporation against the student/future employee. Such a vision of reality is one we should be critical of.

I should be surprised, but considering how the last two years have gone… I’m really not.


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