Students get resit due to bickering teachers

Students taking the quantum physics 1 exam last block had to deal with bickering lecturers. One lecturer made a few announcements and the other one thought there were too many. As a result, all students have been granted a resit.

The whole situation was kind of weird, says third-year student Gerrit. ‘You could hear them very well in the middle of the exam hall. After some announcements, one professor really went off on the other.’

According to Gerrit, there were two exams going on at the same time, including quantum physics 1. One of the lecturers had to make an announcement about that exam once or twice. ‘The other prof reacted very angrily to that, asked him if he always talked so much during exams.’

Another announcement

Then there was another announcement, about the other exam that was also taking place there. It turned out to be a ‘fun hint’, Gerrit said. ‘That sounded a bit weird to me, that they got a hint. We never get hints,’ he says. This was the moment the exasperated invigilator went off the deep end, says Gerrit. ‘There was an argument and he was really angry.’

After a few minutes, the situation had calmed down again. Gerrit himself was not that bothered by the altercation. ‘But I can imagine people who were really nervous did, or if they had trouble focusing. This is a difficult exam.’

Make up

Not long after the exam, Gerrit read a message on Brightspace. ‘Everyone who had taken the exam was allowed to request a resit. Even if you hadn’t failed.’ A way to make up for the disruption, the students thought.

According to RUG spokesperson Elies Wempe-Kouwenhoven, it is true that there was an altercation between two lecturers last block. ‘The students were indeed allowed to take a resit, but they all had to apply to the examination board.’



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