Student party SOG wins elections, zero seats for Doughnut Party

Studenten Organisatie Groningen (SOG) has won the elections for the university council. The party gains two more seats. The Doughnut Party had to swallow its disappointment; it lost its only seat.

Party leader Laura Keijzer of SOG had perhaps the biggest smile on her face Monday afternoon. ‘Really fantastic. Bizarre. I still can’t quite get over it.’

Keijzer can’t yet say what the extra seats will mean for the council, except that she wants to continue working with other parties. But first, it’s time to celebrate the victory. What she’s going to do? ‘Have a drink.’


Taichi Ochi of the Doughnut Party had to turn in his seat acquired last year. But he is not completely dejected, he says. He counts his blessings above all: ‘It gave us the network and the ability to reach people, so it wasn’t for nothing.’

Calimero lost a seat. Why is still guesswork, says Françoise Marais, the party’s number two (party leader Stijn van Hussen was not at the announcement of the results). ‘We are going to look into that. I know we did our best. It is sad, but at the same time: it is what it is.’

Low turnout

Turnout was low; with only 20.6 percent even lower than last year’s 24 percent. ‘With such a low turnout, it is questionable whether all students are represented’, remarked rector magnificus Cisca Wijmenga just before the results were announced.

De Vrije Student retained its two seats on the university council and also won one in the medical faculty’s E&R council. However, this did not go to list leader Marnix Kuper (who will join the university council), but to the number three, Aline Heeres.

She received almost half of all votes for her party. ‘I tried to advertise in a different way. Normally it’s very formal and that doesn’t really appeal to students.’

The full results can be found here.

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