Sharing a divided city

It’s almost socially acceptable to put up a Christmas tree again. The fanfare and cheer of yesteryear, however, is nowhere to be found. It’s going to be a struggle to keep afloat. 

Old Grunn seems to be reeling from shock at the reversal in her fortunes. With the rules, riots and a string of stabbings, our usually lovely streets have turned cold, dark and hostile. Pleasant words and reassuring smiles have disappeared as we head into December more demoralised than ever. 

In juxtaposition to prices at the supermarket, reserves of motivation are at an all time low. Students snooze behind screens while lecturers and PhD scholars do a balancing act to avoid a burn-out, juggling education methods, deadlines, and the weekly bingo-ball of regulations. 

An already emaciated student-life has also had to tighten its belt. Denied a place in the sun, it’s taken refuge in the residential neighbourhoods. Complaints of raucous parties have skyrocketed as a consequence – widening the already enormous chasm between student and Stadjer.

From a faltering colleague to a sleepless neighbour; everyone could use some support

The bread, however, needed to have been thoroughly contaminated before the mould started to fruit. In our day, every man’s an island, and thus entirely responsible for keeping himself from ruin. Little wonder, then, that the plight of others seldom crosses our minds. 

From a faltering colleague to a sleepless neighbour; everyone could use some support. In helping others, the Word says, ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive’ (Acts 20:35). Thankfully, sharing respect, resources, and a sympathetic ear costs next to nothing.

What then are we left to do? White-knuckle our way through the work load? Drown ourselves in innocuous pastimes till life resumes? Sneak in pints in the dark? Anything but either extreme; of callous inconsiderateness or of letting the flames of ‘levenslust’ die out through negligence. 

No one will have it easy in the coming weeks, and some less so than others. Reason enough to cut our fellow city-sardines some slack, and more so to punch our weight in the effort to pull through. We’ll all be richer for it.


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