Are international students exploited as cheap labour? Fill out the survey

Are international students who take up part-time work in Groningen taken advantage of? UKrant and local news blog Sikkom are joining forces to investigate workplace exploitation among internationals. 

Working in Groningen as an international student can be a positive experience, but some employers take advantage of internationals’ lack of knowledge of local laws. They are underpaid, work in poor conditions or aren’t allowed to take the leave they’re entitled to. 

Have you fallen victim to an unscrupulous employer or do you know anyone who has? Are you paid less than your Dutch co-workers? Are you refused a fair paycheck? Are you threatened when you complain? We want to hear your stories.

Fill out our survey here. The results will be published in a series of articles drawing attention to international students’ right to fair treatment at work.

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  1. Your first question (“Are international students who take up part-time work in Groningen taken advantage of?”) implies that you want to know whether, or to which degree, this exploitation takes place. But the rest of your call suggests you only want to hear from internationals who feel exploited, and aren’t that interested in finding out whether these cases are the exception or the rule. Make up your mind, UK! :-)

    Apart from that, excellent idea to write about this (although it’s a pity for non-internationals who may also be exploited – surely they deserve your attention as well).

    • It’s because specifically internationals are far more likely to fall prey to unscrupulous employers who exploit their desperation and lack of understanding of Dutch employment laws. Not everything is about you.

      • Hey Mike, I’m not a student, so this thing isn’t about me anyway. I’m just not so sure that Dutch students are very familiar with Dutch employment laws either (or, if they are, whether they’re in a position to stand up for themselves). And yes, I agree with Miguel, your comment was unnecessarily antagonistic.


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