UG buildings vandalised with pro-Palestinian slogans before Open Day

The Academy building, the Röling Building, and again the UB were vandalised with pro-Palestinian slogans last night. Early visitors to the UG’s Open Day were met with the defaced façade on Saturday morning.

The entrance to the Academy building was splashed with red paint and slogans like ‘UG supports Genocide’, ‘From the river to the sea’, and ‘complicit’ were sprayed across the front of the building. Slogans were also daubed on the walls of the Röling Building (Faculty of Law) and the University Library.

This is the third time that the UB was vandalised by pro-Palestinian activists. The façade was defaced once before in November, and in December the large windows near the entrance were smashed in.

The culprits are still unknown. The incident was reported to the police this morning, says a university spokesperson. A cleaning company immediately set to work removing the paint.

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