Student warns of ‘friends who have covid’ taking FSE exams

FSE student warns of ‘friends who have covid’

They plan to take exams even though they tested positive

The concerns about on-campus exams that FSE students have been having is being fuelled by WhatsApp messages that say some students are taking their exams while they’ve tested positive for the coronavirus.
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The messages are being relayed in a WhatsApp group chat that’s dedicated to discussions about a particular course. UKrant obtained screenshots of the chats. On October 23, the group discussed the exam that’s scheduled to take place this Saturday in the Aletta Jacobs hall.

In once particular message, a student warns his peers: ‘Two friends of mine are coming back from their home countries. They tested positive for the coronavirus but refuse to skip the exam because the resit will be hell. Keep this in mind and stay safe.’

It’s not clear whether these ‘two friends’ are actually planning to take the FSE exam. But the message has many students concerned. Since it was sent, a petition has been set up that argues that exams should be online only.


The FSE faculty board sees no reason to cancel the on-campus exam. ‘The university has clear instructions for students for when they can visit university buildings and exams and when not, and on what to do if they have been tested positive or have signs of corona infection’, says portfolio manager of education Rob Timmermans.

‘We trust that our students act responsibly, as we all have to do during this corona pandemic, and we have no evidence that they do not. Attending an exam with corona symptoms would be highly irresponsible and selfish.’

Timmermans would like to talk to the students in the WhatsApp group, but says that he doesn’t know who they are. ‘We cannot act on hearsay. We hope that the WhatsApp group or students who do know them point out to these students that they are irresponsible.’




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