The best way to… get a job

Now that you’ve been here for a while, it's time to get a job to earn some money to spend in your favorite places – maybe even by working at one of them. But finding work can be a big challenge in this student capitol. But we’re here to help!

Facebook groups: Of course there is also a Facebook group for that. Check out ‘GRONINGEN STUDENT– JOB OFFERS AND JOB SEEKERS’ or ‘Groningen Services and Professionals.’ In these groups, you can post your service offers with a brief description of yourself as well as search for jobs others are offering.

Walk in and ask: Handy as the internet is, old school human contact still exists. Really! A great way to get a job  is to overcome your shyness and simply walk into the store/shop/bar where you want to work and introduce yourself. If you make a great first impression, they might ask you to come back for a trial shift.

Bulletin boards: Another possibility are the bulletin boards. Close to the registers at most grocery stores, a large bulletin board is usually hanging where you can post a simple service offer listing your skills. Leave your number or email so that interested people can get in touch and shower you with job offers.

On the other hand, some folks may be using the board to post job listings too, so just check it out – you might get lucky. The same goes for bulletin boards in university buildings, too: in the hallway of the Harmonie building, for example, you can find job offers or post your own quest.

Connections: You’re meeting loads of new people through your studies, and aside from just being friendly, it’s important to maintain those relationships – they might come in handy one day. Be sure to let your friends and classmates know that you are looking for a job, because they might know someone who knows someone who is looking for… someone.

Open Applications: Another possibility is to fill out several different applications and send them in to places where you would like to work. Companies keep applications on file so that when they need someone, they can look up potential candidates and, ideally, hire you. It’s always worth a try!


Last but not least, the most important thing to remember for your job hunt is managing your expectations: don’t be picky. It’s logical that you’d like to get a job within your field, but sometimes, you just have to be happy with any job – that may mean washing dishes. Money is money, after all.