casper albers

Casper Albers new dean of behavioural and social sciences

Casper Albers will be the new dean of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences. Albers (1975) is currently professor of applied statistics and...

Personnel faction: statement on zero tolerance should be more specific

Casper Albers with the personnel faction on the university council says that the RUG’s statement on zero tolerance should be more specific and defined.

‘Course evaluations do not work’

Course evaluations say more about the weather than the quality of teaching, as far as statistics instructor Casper Albers is concerned. Yet they are used to determine which instructors should be given a permanent position. It’s time to stop using them.

Survey shows internationals starting to feel unwanted; 30 percent consider leaving

With Dutch politics increasingly negative about internationals, foreign students and staff members are starting to feel unwanted at universities in the Netherlands, a survey by UKrant shows. ‘A group in my department is in favour of going back to teaching more in Dutch, which feels like a personal attack.’

Will UG academics join the Twitter exodus?

A year after Elon Musk took over Twitter, the platform has seen an increase in disinformation and name-calling, and previously banned people have had their accounts restored. Tweeting UG academics are wondering if they should stay. ‘When people started leaving X en masse, I did think to myself that it was time to go.’

‘Fucked up the poll this afternoon’: why UKrant shut down the survey on diversity

Every day, the editorial staff at the UKrant wonders: What are we writing about, why are we writing about it, and how are we writing about it? ‘At UKrant’, an irregular column, we take a look behind the scenes.

Higher education furious at Van Engelshoven

University employees are furious at Ingrid van Engelshoven. She wants them to prepare forms of education with and without social distancing for September.

Jouke de Vries: ‘We need both money and a good plan’

Money alone won’t be enough to alleviate the structural strain on the university, board president Jouke de Vries said Tuesday during WOinActie’s national Alarm Day.

University council in emergency meeting over Vindicat

The university council will hold an emergency meeting this week about Vindicat’s accreditation being revoked. The council claims the board of directors did not inform them correctly.

Do we want to know what goes wrong?

Feeble and disappointing: the UG’s decision to not participate in a study on scientific integrity has been strongly criticised by staff members. But some support it.

Cheating is a cat-and-mouse game

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What’s the UG to do with the Confucius Institute?

The contract between the UG and the controversial Confucius Institute is up for renewal this year. Should we even want to be connected to it?

‘On-site education is here to stay, but it needs improvement’

Last week, the discussion about online university education reached a nadir. But the UG board never wanted to do away with on-site education, they say.

Basically, nothing really changed

In the staff satisfaction survey, the RUG as a whole has earned a 7. But there are large differences within the university.

Support the Striking Academics

For the last two years, I was a union rep for postgraduates as the Graduate Officer of University College Dublin Students’ Union. This involved...

No emails or grades due to ‘work-to-rule’

University lecturers, including the ones in Groningen, are on a 'work-to-rule' strike this month. They will not be answering emails or grading exams.

Dealing with impossible demands

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