Make a clog in the International Week

Ever wanted to make a typical Dutch clog? You can try at the launch event of the forthcoming International Week. Immerse yourself in Dutch culture next week!

International Week (25-28 March) is all about experiencing Dutch culture, and getting to know Groningen and its student life better. ‘International students often live in an international bubble. They don’t really have any contact with Dutch students’, says Anna van den Berg, the president of AEGEE Groningen, a European student association whose aim is to integrate students all across Europe. That could all change next week.

However, the reverse is also possible. ‘Many people think International Week is only for international students,. but that’s not true. The aim of the week is to bring Dutch and international students together’, emphasizes Sabine Koop, the ESN representative for International Week.

That’s why Dutch student associations work together with ESN during the event. Dizkartes, for example, has seen its numbers of internationals grow over the last few years, although they’d still like to have more members from other countries. Then there’s Albertus, one of the biggest student associations in the city, and SIB, one of the biggest international student associations in Groningen.

Beatrijs Lont, the Albertus representative on the International Week committee, says: ‘Activities like the year-club mix are a nice way to share and talk about your experiences and also your differences.’

‘Because more international students are coming to Groningen, it’s important that we learn more from each other’, adds Leonie Roetert Steenbruggen, a Dizkartes board member.

So what is there to do during International Week? You and your friends can either test your abilities at the ESN Beer Pong Party in the Drie Gezusters or enjoy one of the popular comedy shows from Stranger Things Have Happened. There are lots of activities planned, so just check out the programme here.

There’s also the year-club mix of course. If you haven’t yet participated in one of the year-club dinners, sign up quickly because it’s a great opportunity to see behind the scenes of a Dutch student association. Who can resist the chance to tour one of those student association houses that seem to hold so many secrets when you try to peek through their windows?

 Want to know more about the programme? Check out the website of the International Week!