Elections at the uni

Voter anxiety? Fill out the electoral compass!

Election time at the university! Election time? Yes indeed, because from Monday, June 8, until Friday, June 12, students can vote for their preferred student representative in both the university council and their own faculty council.
Text by Giulia Fabrizi / Video by Lidian Boelens

To help you understand what you can actually vote for, the UKrant made a so-called election compass. We asked all student parties running for a seat on the university council to respond to ten different statements about university life. 

In the election compass you can read through these statements one by one, and then read the shortened version of the parties’ answers. You can then select the answer that best matches your point of view on the matter.

Would you like to read the parties’ full answers? Each page has a button that takes you to their comprehensive statements. Once you’re done filling out the compass, we will show you which party most represents your point of view. Easy peasy.

In the video above, the leaders of each party running for the university council will briefly introduce themselves. Now go vote!


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