Groningen’s hidden snapshot treasures

Step up your Instagram game

Are your lips numb from making a duck face in front of the mirror 24/7? Do you think taking pictures of food is so 2015? Is your pet tired of having a camera in its face all day? Impress your followers by snapping a few shots at Groningen’s most instagrammable locations.
By Felipe Silva and Valeska Schietinger / Photos by Felipe Silva


Ever googled pictures of Groningen? Chances are you came across Reitdiephaven as one of the top results. In contrast to the homogeneous look of the buildings in the city centre, this location surprises you with its brightly coloured Scandinavian-style houses alongside the marina. With the current grey and gloomy weather, we can probably all use a bit of colour.

Aletta Jacobs Hall

This place might give you the chills during exam week, but it will really rake in those likes on Instagram. This orange hell – um, hall – is perfect to spice up your feed and get away from those wannabe-hipster black-and-white posts.

Student Hotel

If you’re too broke to rent a room at the Student Hotel, you can at least afford to take a trendy picture there, because guess what? It’s FREE. This unusual light panel looks like a real-life Instagram filter and if you want to push it a step further, the zebra lounge room offers you the professional photoshoot setting for faking a catalogue ad. Thanks to the diffused light coming through the large window right next to it, your skin will glow like the face of a beauty influencer.


Embrace your inner Disney princess – or prince – and wander through the almost magical gardens and the green arches of the Prinsentuin. Whether you are an evil queen or a handsome hunter, this garden lets you live out your childhood fantasy throughout the seasons.


If you need a typical ‘Look at me! I’m in the Netherlands’ type of photo, the Visserbrug is the place to go. With an impressive view overlooking the canal, the brick buildings, the Aa-kerk tower and the sailing boats, your shot can’t get more Dutch than that.

Groningen Museum

Bright, flashy and unique: the Groningen Museum is for sure every Instagrammer’s dream right now. With PRESENCE, the fluorescent exhibition, you have the chance to take mind-blowing pictures until January 2020. And what is better than mind-blowing pictures? Not having to pay entrance as a student! So don’t forget your student ID when you go on your Instagram-mission.

Cat Cafe ‘Op z’n kop’

Just go there for Mr. Bojangles Jr. That should be enough reason. You’re welcome.

Le Souk

Tired of being pushed around on the hectic Vismarkt while you try to snap shots of your super-healthy, influential lifestyle, standing next to your local kale farmer?

Then try Le Souk. This cute, colourful bodega is every international student’s food dream and makes you feel like you’re back home doing groceries with granny.

Stuff your face with Turkish delight and smile for the camera.



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