University elections

What goes on at my faculty council?

From Monday May 13 to Friday May 17, you can vote not only for the university council, but for the various faculty councils as well. How do these councils work?
By Jelmer Buit and Michelle Gerssen / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

Put briefly, the faculty councils serve as the faculty’s ears and eyes. Each council consists of students and staff at the faculty concerned. Next week you’ll be able to vote for who represents you on that council.

Faculty council members meet several times a year. The frequency varies per faculty. Members from the faculty board often join these meetings. The council issues advice on plans of the board and informs the board of anything that’s going on at the faculty.

But what does your faculty’s council actually talk about? Well, the UKrant has catalogued all the hot-button issues from the past year. Over the next few days we’ll add two faculties to the map every day, starting with the arts and religious faculties.

And what about the university council? Don’t worry, we also made a video about that.

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