A city without internationals

Meanwhile in Groningen

Did you leave Groningen at the start of the lockdown? And are you wondering what the city has been up to in the meantime? Here are a few snapshots.

Door Anna Koslerova

7 May om 10:15 uur.
Laatst gewijzigd op 22 November 2020
om 16:15 uur.

By Anna Koslerova

May 7 at 10:15 AM.
Last modified on November 22, 2020
at 16:15 PM.

Anna Koslerova

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It’s almost impossible to cross a street without encountering someone with a green or orange box on their backs.

Some are taking the situation very seriously. 

Spotted at the vacant Groningen train station: ‘I’m not going anywhere, just enjoying my coffee and cigarette in peace.’ 

A man enjoys the empty streets of Groningen on Sunday morning. He recommends people ‘eat well, drink water, exercise and are kind to one another’.

In the meantime, construction work has continued at Zernike. Curious what the campus will look like when you return? The renovation project should be done by the end of the year.

This birthday boy had a busy day visiting his extended family. Each household had prepared a little party for him in their frontyards.

This couple isn’t on their way to the airport, but merely to Jumbo. ‘This way, we can buy more without having to go to the shops every other day.’

Before entering the store, you are expected to wash or disinfect your hands. Also, shopping carts are now mandatory to ensure social distancing. 

O Germans where art thou? And there’s also a noticeable lack of hipsters at the psychology faculty.

Although re-arranged, the market has remained open. Customers are encouraged to keep their distance, but sometimes it does get busy.

The cafe in the Noorderplantsoen has allocated customers social distancing slots on the ground.

Spotted at a Paddepoel bakery: social distancing instructions for the French.

Many have been writing supportive messages in chalk around the streets of Groningen.



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