International students don’t have to fly back for practicals

UG sticks to online policy

International students don’t have to fly back for practicals

International students who have returned to their home countries can continue their online education for the remainder of the academic year. The UG will stick to the existing policy. Plans for practical classes have yet to be developed.
By Yelena Kilina
26 May om 15:42 uur.
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The Dutch government announced last week that on-site teaching, exams and practical classes at universities can resume to a limited extent on June 15. But the UG has decided that most classes and exams will be online until at least the start of September, meaning international students won’t have to return. 

‘We will find a solution in case of any exceptions’, says Roel Jonkers, vice dean of the Faculty of Arts. The same goes for all the faculties which don’t run labs. ‘For the most part, the new measures do not really change anything for our faculty’, says Erin Wilson, vice dean of Theology and Religious Studies. 

The vice dean of Behavioural and Social Sciences, Klaas van Veen, only says that his faculty will follow the Central Crisis Team policy. 

Practical classes

For medical and science students, practical classes are particularly important. According to UMCG press officer Joost Wessels, the majority of international medical students have decided to stay in the city despite the lockdown. ‘We actively kept track of the Saudi Arabian students, and I am sure of that group.’ 

Wessels says plans for when practical classes will start up again are still in the making, and all medical students are regularly informed about all study-related matters. 

Academic advisors

Vice dean Rob Timmermans said it hasn’t been decided yet whether the Faculty of Science and Engineering will have small-scale on-campus education before the end of the academic year. ‘Updates will be communicated directly to our students, including those currently residing abroad.’ 

Timmermans adds: ‘Students are advised to contact their academic advisor if they would like to discuss any corona crisis measures in relation to their individual study progress’.



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