Booking a UB study spot now easier for colour blind students

Booking a UB study spot now easier for colour blind students

Booking a study spot in the university library wasn’t easy if you’re colour blind. But thanks to one student who emailed the UB about it, the problem was solved in a day.
By Bente van Leeuwen
10 November om 15:19 uur.
Laatst gewijzigd op 22 November 2020
om 16:22 uur.
November 10 at 15:19 PM.
Last modified on November 22, 2020
at 16:22 PM.

Every time Jorik Huizinga wanted to reserve a study spot at the UB, he had to ask his housemates to do it for him. The registration system uses green and red boxes to indicate whether there are still places available, and Jorik couldn’t see the difference between those two.

The psychology student is colour blind, or as he prefers to call it: colour handicapped. He mainly sees shades and to him, the green and red in the registration system were equally bright. Jorik estimates that hundreds of other students at the UG must have the same problem, so he sent an email to the UB on Monday.

Contrast stripes

They immediately took action. ‘We want to be as inclusive as possible at the UB’, says Dorine Kieft, information specialist at the library. She consulted with Jorik about which changes would be helpful, and now the red colour is darker and the green colour is lighter. Contrast stripes have also been applied: horizontal stripes in the red box and vertical stripes in the green one. The legend tells you which stripes are which.

Jorik can’t praise the UB’s speedy action highly enough: now he can book a study spot even if his housemates aren’t at home.



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