Traffic guide for newcomers

The provincial traffic department has published a brochure about traffic in the Netherlands - including cycling - for non-Dutch residents.

The guide book is intended for newly arrived people, particularly international students and refugees, and the traffic rules are written in several languages, including English, French, and Arabic.


The idea behind the brochure is the volume of people who immigrate to the country annually, according to Arjan van der Zwaag, director and secretary of the Traffic and Transportation department (Verkeer- en Vervoerberaad) for the province of Groningen.

‘More than 50,000 people came to the Netherlands only last year, and it is physically impossible to give each person individual traffic and biking rules lessons’, says Van Der Zwaag.

In the interest of improving safety on the roads, whether by bike or by car, the Traffic and Transportation department’s booklet offers a comprehensive overview of the Dutch traffic system. The rules are accompanied by illustrations depicting scenarios such as right of way at an intersection.

ESN biking lessons

The brochure is an addition to the options for internationals to learn how to cycle in the city: ESN Groningen also offers biking lessons during their Introduction Week at the beginning of every school year. Stijn Bergman, external relations officer of ESN Groningen, says that a collaboration between ESN Groningen and the provincial department has not yet been pursued, but both parties are open to the idea.

The booklet can be directly downloaded from the Traffic and Transportation department’s website and is also available in print, which can be requested via email.