The music taste of Laetitia Em

This week it’s the playlist of Laetitia Em, an International Business PhD student.

Laetitia: ‘My research is on International Business. I study how the distance people perceive between themselves and a certain location (how different do I think the people who live there are compared to me?) affects the investment decisions they make regarding it (e.g. open shops there).’


Do you listen to music at work? 

‘Not when I am working; it is too distracting. However,I always listen to music when I cook (which is as often as possible because I love this).’

Do you ever go to concerts?

‘Not a lot. The last one I went to, was in Paris. I went to see Rodrigo y Gabriela perform.’

What about all the Spanish songs in your playlist?

‘I discovered Spanish music when I went on holiday to Spain as a child with my family. I really got into it later when I spent a semester in Madrid. Listening to it reminds me of those times.’

How did you end up in Groningen?

‘Via Japan! I presented part of my Master’s thesis at an International Business Conference held in Nagoya and I found out there that I shared research interests with several RUG professors who were presenting their work there as well. I decided to move to Groningen to do my PhD with them.’

What’s your favorite lovesong?

‘I grew up watching Disney movies, so I’ll have to pick Histoire éternelle from Beauty and the Beast. I also really like Try by Pink.’

These songs were unavailable on Spotify, but you can watch them on YouTube: