The best way to… get a date

So, you've made it through your first exams and are back to enjoying life in Groningen. But wouldn’t it be nicer if you could share it with someone special? Although online dating is now so popular that dissertations are being written about it, here are 5 ways to find a date beyond Tinder or Facebook.

Sport: Play a sport – preferably in a team. That way, you know you’ve got at least one thing in common that you can talk about on your first date. The best part: you don’t need to freak out about how you look on that date, since he or she has already seen you after a work out in your sweaty clothes, red-faced and hair rumpled.

Language: As an international student, this can have several advantages! In addition to actually learning a new language, maybe you’ll meet somebody cute in your Dutch class with whom you can practice your pronunciation. But if nobody in your class is your type, you can put your mad Dutch skills to good use and find yourself a Dutch date.

Walking the dog: Did you know that dogs are a great way to meet strangers? Even if your student house doesn’t allow pets, you could support the local animal shelter by walking their dogs. The dogs and the shelter will be thankful, and you might get a date with a fellow animal lover out of it as your dog leashes intertwine in your personal romantic comedy.

Concerts: While you’re out enjoying some great music, your perfect match could be in the queue at the door, the bar or even the toilets. As it so happens, Groningen has the top pop venue in the entire country – so get yourself some tickets and be on the lookout for potential dates!

Friends: You know how it works. You have a friend who has a cousin whose best friend is not only your age, but also exactly your type. Talk with your close friends and ask them if they have potential dates in mind. Your friends know what you’re looking for and can also give you a heads up about your future suitors.