Stukafest for internationals

This week, the ninth edition of Stukafest – Studenten Kamer Festival– will be filling student rooms across the city with intimate performances. Here’s a selection of English-language and otherwise can’t-miss acts curated by Merel, our coolness guru.




The members of this band from Leeuwarden are still very young, but they’ve already come far. Sväva means ‘floating’ in Swedish, and that’s a fine description for their dreamy pop music.

Naïve Set

They’re from Amsterdam and love bands from the past like The Feelies and the Beach Boys, performing melodic songs with multiple vocalists.


This electronic artist uses a laptop, a sampler and a loop machine to ad layer upon layer and create experimental, dreamy, ambient pieces.



Neil Robinson

Originally form Vancouver but living in Amsterdam since 2008, the Dutch inspire him endlessly – that’s how he came up with the survival guide to the Dutch.




This is a group of three eccentric, multi-talented performers in heels that love to show their male and female side through dance and movement. They push boundaries and invite the audience to think outside the box.

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