RUG wants to expand to Korea

The University wants to open a branch in South Korea. At Songdo Global University in Incheon to be exact.

Together with Korean partners, the University is currently investigating the possibilities of setting up a graduate school at Songdo Global University. The university wants to attract undergraduate and graduate programs from internationally recognized universities. They already built educational and research buildings, dormitories and apartments for professors.


For Groningen, the first step is to develop a dual Master’s and PhD programme with the Korean partner university and with industry, enabling the University to export its higher education programme.

Trade partner

The plan is to give Korean students the opportunity of being awarded a degree certificate by the University of Groningen while staying in their home country. In addition, this could offer new career perspectives for Groningen’s own PhD students.

The fact that Professor Poppema, the University’s President, was appointed Honorary Consul General of Korea in April 2012 helps. Poppema aims to promote a strong relationship between the two countries. ‘Korea is a very important trade partner for our country’, stated Poppema after his inauguration as Consul General. ‘Koreans fully realize that education is the way to democracy and prosperity. Korean parents are used to sending their children to the best schools and universities, so we have common goals.’