• She's a law student

    Trust Elizabeth

    Vulnerable, funny and insightful. The tumblr blog ‘Trust Me I Am A Law Student’ (trustmeiamalawstudent.tumblr.com) is an eye-catching insight into the often neglected aspects of being a law student… all to be taken with a grain of salt. It is the work of Elizabeth Denev, student of International and European Law.

    ‘I hope she will find it funny. She’s visiting soon, I’ll tell her then.’ Some 450 people from all over the world are already following Elizabeth Denev’s tumblr blog. But she has kept it a secret from her mother, family and most of her friends.

    She started out only two months ago, in December 2012. But soon she realized she was reaching a whole lot of people. ‘I get messages from as far away as the USA, Russia, and Canada. Most people tell me how much they relate to my experiences as a law student’, she says.


    Whenever I have an argument with non-Law students // Tumblr Trust me I’m a Law student

    Some have even asked her for advice on studying law in the Netherlands. Tumblr fame does have its price though… ‘Most reactions are positive. However, I have had someone message me trying to find out exactly where I study. It was creepy. Another woman suggested I drop out of law school and find something else. I was annoyed; despite what I may post, I’m very happy here. It’s what I always wanted to do.’

    What was her inspiration for her tumblr?

    Smiling, she remembers, ‘I was on Facebook and ran into some cool tumblrs. I became obsessed with them. And it seemed easy to make one. Eventually, I figured: why not make my own? I made it about being a law student because, right now, that is a big part of my life.’

    The amount of reading that I have to do as a Law student // Tumblr Trust me I’m a Law student

    What makes it worth checking out?

    ‘It’s 60% about law school, 20% about guys, and the rest is random stuff’, she explains. ‘A lot of it is true, but exaggerated, especially when it comes to being single. But that is what makes it so funny. For example, I do not whine that I’ll be forever alone, or actually freak out when I see my professors outside class.’