Meet new people through the Friend-o-matic Pub Quiz

15 March om 18:08 uur.
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No, you’re not alone. But since it can be difficult and scary to make new friends, UKrant and HanzeMag are introducing the Friend-o-matic. It’s a relaxed way to meet people who are also looking for new friends.  

How does it work? Anyone who’s looking for new friends can sign up. We’ll ask you a few questions about yourself and match you with three other students, based on your shared interests. Forming a team, you’ll participate in the Friend-o-matic pub quiz on April 1, 2021 (no, we promise it’s not a joke!). You can sign up from 16 to 26 March, after which you’ll get an email with information about your team and the plans for the evening.

The first hundred students to sign up will receive three free beers each, courtesy of Baxbier and Grunnbier. The quiz winners will get to demolish a car at Autosmash Groningen.

What’s next? Obviously, we hope outdoor cafés open back up soon, or that you can get together at the Noorderplantsoen and have each other over for dinner. We’ll be sending you some tips and suggestions for things to do together so you can explore any burgeoning friendships. 

The exact starting time will be announced in an email. But please block the evening of April 1 in your agenda.

Any questions? Send an email to

We’ll see you on April 1!

The Friend-o-matic pubquiz is sponsored by Grunnbier and Bax Bier.